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SABBAH Iyad Rue Auguste Frison 96 , Charleroi +32492.85.08.53 sabbahiyadp@hotmail.com Professional Experience 1998-2015 Professor of History of Art, Sculptures, Anatomy and Drawing, at Al-Aqsa University- Palestine 2000-2015 Cartoonist for various media, including the newspaper "Al Watan"Saudi Arabia. 2000-2015 Creation of Fountains. 2000-2015 Creations and realisation of bas-reliefs and monumental sculptures (private commissions and commissions from Gaza City - Palestine) 2002-2006 Teaching Arts for Children at the Association “Abdel Mohssen El-Quatan » - Palestine 2006-2015 Illustrator of children's books: The Story of Apollo – I Don't Like My Name - The Three-Legged female dog - The Clever Rabbit - The Magic Iron. 2012-2014 Designers Office "Frame Art" for Architecture and Interior Decoration - Palestine 2000 Creation and realisation of a memorial in Gaza City, Palestine 2000 Creation and realisation of “the unknown soldier” memorial in Gaza City, Palestine, upon the old design before its descrution. 2004 Creation and realisation of a fountain for a shopping center in Gaza City, Palestine 2004 Two exhibitions at the Alexandria Biennale and in Cairo, Egypt. 2006 Creation and realisation of a memorial in the city of Khan Younes, Palestine 2007 Creation and realisation of a memorial in the city of Rafah, Palestine. 2008 Creation and realisationof bas reliefs at Al Aqsa University in Gaza, Palestine. 2010. Exhibition and installation for a private institution in Gaza, Palestine 2013 Art exhibition at Caratay University in Konya, Turkey 2014. Creation and realisatiton of an open-air installation at the beach in Gaza, Palestine 2015 Creation and realisation of an abstract memorial in Gaza City, Palestine. 2015 Creating two statutes in Tunisia 2015 Exhibition “Artists under the war” in Brussels. 2016 Exhibition of paintings at the Parliament of Brussels. 2016 Exhibition of paintings at the association "PAC" in Brussels . 2016 Theater Decorator and Pupet creator at the Youth and Childrens’ Center "Solidaris" - Saint-Servais 2017 Creation of an installation for the AFICO Namur “Anti-Racism Day” within the framework of the “Festival of Diversity” project organized by CAI – Namur. 2017 Exhibition at the "Magh Space" in Brussels 2017 Exhibition and residency at the Abattoir Cultural Center in Namur 2017. Exhibition and installation at the Library of the Municipality of Saint Jean 2017 Exhibition in the city of « Shando » in China 2017   Animation of a "Sculpture Workshop" at the Notre-Dame de la Paix College in Erpent. 2018. Exhibition, installation and painting at the Beffroi Room in Namur 2019 Creation of a statute for the beach of the "Jardin des Oranges" Hotelin Tunisia . 2020 Exhibition in Berlin, Germany 2020 Symposium in Toulouse, France . 2021 Exhibition in Bruges, Belgium. 2021 Exhibition at the S’pace Gallery in Namur . 2021 Creation of a fresco for the Municipality of Namur Education 2014–2017 PHD in Contemporary Art - Tunisia 2004-2006 MA in Art History at Helwan University - Egypt 1992-1994 BA in Art History at Al Fateh University - Libya 1984-1990 BA at Gaza College - Palestine Various Symposium in Germany, China, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey Artist Banksy bought an exhibit of my works "worn out" statue at the "Walled Off" Hotel in Bethlehem in Palestine. Languages Arabic: Mother Tongue English, very good knowledge French, good knowledge Interests Painting, sculpture, music, travel, poetry

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